Dear Guest!

Our hotel is situated in the historical part of Győr in the traffic-free zone. We would like to inform our guests, that there is a sinking gate at the Becsi Kapu square, operated by a dispatcher service, independent from the hotel. Our guests can exempt from the ban, in that case, they send us the license plate number of their car before arrival. Without the car number, we cannot ask for free entrance from the dispatcher service. Please let the operator know, that you are the guests of Hotel Capitulum. 

At the reception you can take an electric key and entry permit, which allows you to drive free in and out of the locked zone.

Important! The key and the permit are NOT valid for waiting and parking. Please note, in case of losing the key or permit you will be charged for 25,-EUR as a compensation fee.

Our hotel provides a camera-controlled subsurface garage. Fee is 9,-EUR/night/car.

For further information, please see our Guidelines below.

For further information, please ask the hotel reception.
Thank you for your understanding.